Jackie Bergman passed away July 5, 2014. He died from the brain tumor he got diagnosed with one and a half year earlier.

According to Jackies will, this web site will remain public for ten years.

Read, Listen and get inspired by his optimism, drive and believe in love


When your motivation is beyond any shadow of a doubt, life is easy. You are strong and creative, in spite of challenges.

This is the way that motivation moves you

Motivation can be created, when you know how it works:

  1. First you need to know that motivation comes out of emotions only. Thoughts are in them selves neutral, just like objects! It is not the new car you are longing for, but the feeling of owning or driving it. Nor is it the new partner you are longing for, but the feeling of the new life. We tend to project our desired emotions on various objects and persons.
  2. Then you need to be aware of the emotions that are guiding you. You have only two basic emotions, Fear and Love. This web site describes how it works.

A book and a DVD

I have written a book in Swedish called ”Fear or Love? You Choose!”. It is about our inner compass, a ”map of maps” and the style of the person navigating. So far, it is also published in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria. Publishing in other countries is sought for. The book explains the psychology and philosophy of a leadership that gives you, your colleagues, and your dear ones access to brave new experiences.

During three nights at a live theatre in Stockholm, Sweden, I invited ten forerunners in their respective areas. They were economists, therapists, sustainability consultant, editor in chief etc from three continents, thanks to Skype. Together with the audience, we talked about the what it takes to reach economic, environmental and social sustainability. And most importantly, what kind of leadership can take us there. It was filmed and edited into a DVD, ”Leadership for the Sustainable Society. From Fear to Love!”. I am very proud over what we achieved!

Does it work in practice?

I have worked professionally according to this principle as an engineer and project manager in the energy utility industry for 30 years. Thanks to the notion of Fear and Love as our two basic emotions, I have had extraordinary successes in very challenging projects.

Fear or Love, how can it be that simple?

Leadership in turbulent times can seem complex. Stress is constant! When under some pressure, maybe you avoid telling your full truth to others. Every single untruth you convey will create separation to others. Your experience can be described as a lesser or bigger Fear. Eventually you may experience a degree of tunnel vision and your capability to improve your situation is further deteriorated.

This web page explains how you can turn any situation around. How you can always act out of an emotion that we can call Love. Then you feel affinity to others, even if they have another truth than yours. You might even become curious about how others have come to another conclusion than yours.

Cowardice or courage?

When your fear is bigger than your love, you act cowardly and you are a victim. When your Love is bigger than your Fear, you are courageous. When Love is much bigger than Fear, you have passion! The way of the hero is guided by passion!