Jackie Bergman passed away July 5, 2014. He died from the brain tumor he got diagnosed with one and a half year earlier.

According to Jackies will, this web site will remain public for ten years.

Read, Listen and get inspired by his optimism, drive and believe in love


  • The speach was one of the best I ever attended. It all felt so obvious and made me think logically on my experiences.
  • The talk was fantastic. It will be of great help to my life. I look forward to the book. Thank you!
  • Really skilful. It could not have been better!
  • “Cruel”. Really gave me motivation for the school and the work life in these dark times of depression. THANKS!
  • Fantastic! He made the whole class aware of what stress can be.
  • He was cool and fair. My motivation was reinforced. Thank you for existing.
  • Useful, fun and luxurious to handle our deeper emotions.
  • Good to be reminded that one is governed by emotions and can influence them.
  • Woow, I really don’t regret that I went to school today!
  • Ought to be used by all teachers.
  • Very nice and competent speaker. We will be happy to assign Jackie again.