Jackie Bergman passed away July 5, 2014. He died from the brain tumor he got diagnosed with one and a half year earlier.

According to Jackies will, this web site will remain public for ten years.

Read, Listen and get inspired by his optimism, drive and believe in love

Briefly about Jackie Bergman

Jackie BergmanI am an author, motivational speaker, workshop leader, and coach.

My back ground is being an engineer and project manager of large investment projects in the energy utility industry during thirty years. All my assignments have had some environmental contribution. My employments have been with Fortum, Vattenfall, ÅF Energikonsult and Götaverken Energy.

Since 2001, I have been working as an independent consultant for Fortum, Skelleftea Power, MälarEnergi and numerous educational organizations serving all levels from teenagers to large company CEO’s. I have had several assignments abroad.

Leadership has been my main professional interest besides the environmental challenges. During my whole career, I have delved into the challenges of mankind, what we need to do and how to make it happen. Apart from several traditional leadership trainings, I have also taken a professional education in psychology and an academic degree in philosophy. Earlier I used to be a mentor and leader of men’s groups.

Two specific products that have come out of my work on leadership are a book called ”Fear or Love? Yoh Choose!” (in Swedish German and Bulgarian) and a DVD called ”Leadership for the Sustainable Society. From Fear to Love!”.

When not delving into professional challenges, I love to enjoy my body. My favourite hobbies are downhill skiing, catamaran sailing, salsa dancing, playing squash and becoming a guitarr player.